Barcello, Funky Global Restaurant in North Palm Beach

Catie L. Quanrud May 26, 2017 0

Barcello, in North Palm Beach, opened in early 2017. It was a longtime dream of the second generation owners of Limoncello Ristorante, and one of the most enjoyable projects of my career.

I was instructed that the space should feel like a gastropub, but less trendy and warmer. To the owners’ credit, several of my ideas seemed absolutely ludicrous when presented, but they allowed me to follow through with the ones I was most passionate about.

Conceptually, I strived for an eclectic design, less the result of a careful design plan and more the collection of a worldly foodie. Much of the artwork and some of the furnishings were purchased at auction. A large Morroccan wedding blanket was procured from a small village in the Atlas Mountains, then treated and hung as a tapestry. Six different European wallpapers add texture and lightheartedness. Reclaimed wood and ironwork are featured at the bar, including delicate chainmail draped over some magnificent oversized pendant lights. Barcello is, in a word, funky.

Moroccan Wedding Blanket

The restaurant opened in early 2017, featuring dishes like grilled octopus, duck meatballs in orange sauce and tuna sashimi pizza. It has predictably been lauded by many while confounding a few, though I can’t imagine any have found it boring.

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